National On-Site Signing

NotaryGO delivers a consistent signing in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through our unique Direct Signing process, national on-site signing services allow us to provide a consistent signing presentation to our client's customers.

How it Works

Direct Signers contact the signing agent from the customer's home or from the agent's office. This phone call happens on every signing received by NotaryGO.

Client and Borrower Benefits

  • Assures that the signing agent is present and on time at every appointment.
  • Gives the borrower another resource to answer basic mortgage questions for new or inexperienced agents.
  • Provides quality control at the signing table by enabling NotaryGO to perform specific tasks in handling special situations for each unique signing.
  • Direct Signers are responsible for making sure that initials and dates are put on each and every correlating document correctly.
  • Allows lender to be made aware of any issues during signings.
  • Direct Signers will contact clients anytime and anywhere to involve them in problematic signings.
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