10 Surprising Real Estate Markets That are About to Take Off

June 24, 2019

Are you ready to buy but not sure where to go? Here are ten hot and surprising real estate markets you might not have noticed. Whichever market you want to get into, we’ve got you covered. NotaryGO provides signing services in all 50 states!

1. Lakeland, Florida

A 45-minute drive away from Walt Disney World, this city’s draw is its location. You can live in Lakeland and commute 40 minutes west to Tampa or an hour northeast to Orlando to major city centers and attractions. 

2. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Once a town that relied on the furniture manufacturing industry, Grand Rapids now attracts companies who are looking to relocate or expand due to the area’s low cost of living and affordable housing. 

3. El Paso, Texas

This city is right on the U.S.-Mexico border and close to Fort Bliss, the second largest military base in the country. Brand-new home can be snatched up for between $150,000 and $165,000!

4. Chattanooga, Tennessee 

This quiet river city is becoming popular with home flippers. Investors are buying single-family homes, renovating them, and listing them, and the properties are selling like hot cakes. Millennials are loving the houses, the music scene, and access to lots of outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

5. Phoenix, Arizona

Retirees are flocking to Phoenix for its affordable homes and year-round sun and paying a fraction of what they would pay for the sun in LA, San Francisco, or Seattle.

6. Bridgeport, Connecticut

If you want a mansion without having to pay the 1% mansion tax on homes over one million dollars, Bridgeport’s the market for you. With a median price coming in at $385,790, saving a little money won’t hurt.

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Once a victim of the housing crash, Vegas rises. Low mortgage rates, low cost of living, and affordable housing are bringing people in, not to mention the abundance of tech jobs attracting younger buyers. Homes under $350,000 are going fast, so now is the time to get in. 

8. Boise City, Idaho

There has been such an influx of new residents in Boise City that it’s led to a surge in construction. New homes in new subdivisions are going for $250,000 to $350,000. Old houses, built in the early 1900s are going for $400,000 and being fixed up to value over $1 million.

9. Miami, Florida

Snowbirds flying south keep this market strong. No tax and warm weather will continue to draw people in, and developers are responding by building moderately priced townhomes and bungalows. 

10. Boston, Massachusetts  

Millennials are attracted to the stability of the job market. There are jobs in education, health care, along with big growth in the tech sector. There are a limited amount of homes available within the city limits, driving prices up and sending many young professionals to the suburbs. 

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